Photos from Larry King Live

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For the 25th Anniversary of “Larry King Live,” I wrote a piece about my first experience with the show:

By LKL Senior Producer Hunter Waters

Years after interning for “Larry King Live,” I travelled back to Washington, D.C. for my official job interview.

Like most job applicants, I dressed in my finest suit, ready to impress. I was hardly prepared, though, to start helping out for the type of show we were taping that day; Jack Hanna and his animal friends were in town!  When Jack does our show, the animals show up hours before the taping starts.  While they’re kept in cages during their travels to the studio, once they’re here, they want to get out.  The trainers opened up a cage with the cutest lion cub so that it could roam around one of our conference rooms, and my duty that day was to make sure it stayed within the confines of the conference room.  As you can imagine, the cub also wanted to play a bit and had the best time pretending my leg was a scratching pole.  Needless to say, those suit pants were unmendable after that show.

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  1. Thank you for your share! Larry is surely, truly going to be missed! Its not the suspenders that makes the guy, it`s the GUY that makes the suspenders!! (((Larry))) Bless You Larry.. Always!

    • Larry will surely be missed! Glad you liked the pictures – more to come!

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