Posted by: hunterwaters | September 5, 2010

Bareboating in the BVI – Day 7: Coral Harbour, St. John to Road Town, Tortola

Day 7 – Coral Harbour, St. John to Road Town, Tortola

Coral Harbour, St. John to Road Town, Tortola

Our final day aboard “Waypoint II.”  Wanting one last snorkel/swim on our way back to Tortola, we found a small island just north of Norman Island called Pelican Island. Best. Snorkel. Ever.

The variety of coral and diversity of fish we saw were better than any other place we visited. Some of us saw a sea turtle eating his breakfast of coral, and some saw an actual shark.  Couldn’t have been a better way to close out the trip.

As we entered Road Town Harbor to dock the boat, preparations were underway as Hurricane Earl would be bearing down on the BVI within the next 24 hours.  Luckily, my wife and I were able to depart on our scheduled flight.  However, Captain Rick and Skipper Sarah’s flight the next day was cancelled so they stuck out the storm in a hotel watching “Shaft.”

With that, I leave you with a pictorial tour of the “Jolly Ship of Fools” aboard ‘Waypoint II.’

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  1. LOVED the slide show. We’ve been wondering what that floating house, the yellow one, is all about?

    Great blog, keep on posting!

    Dear Miss Mermaid, author of “Hurricanes and Hangovers”

    • Glad you enjoyed it – we thought it might be a provisioning boat (in Hurricane Harbour at St. John), but we didn’t get close enough as it anchored in a small cove, possibly in preparation for the impending storm?

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