Posted by: hunterwaters | September 1, 2010

Bareboating in the BVI – Day Three: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda to Trellis Bay, Beef Island

Day 3 – Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda -> Trellis Bay, Beef Island

You don’t realize how much fresh water you truly use until you have to refill your tanks on the 2nd full day of a week-long cruise.  I guess we’re drinking way too much coffee, because we’re certainly not taking a lot of showers

Jumping off the boat

After filling up our water tanks at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, we headed off to The Dogs,” a group of islands off the coast of Virgin Gorda. Specifically, “Great Dog.” On the advice of our aunt who had just been weeks before (thanks Aunt Pat!), Great Dog was a great day anchorage for spectacular snorkeling and swimming… and a little dare-deviling.  It is also becomming a great routine to wake up, eat a piece of fruit, and then snorkel before having breakfast.

Trellis Bay

Heading back towards Tortola, we raced along with an afternoon rain shower hovering over us (to which Payton and I decided to take advantage of the fresh water and attempted to soap up and rinse off). We arrived to our new mooring for the night in Trellis Bay on Beef Island, right next to “The Last Resort,” a tiny island restaurant that was closed for the season.

Taking the dinghy ashore, we were promptly asked to help ‘carry’ a newly acquired sailboat from the shore to the water by one of the locals… who then turned out to own the only restaurant open, Trellis Bay Cafe.

Lucky for us, this turned out to be our favorite meal of the trip so far. We ended up over-ordering food (best Conch fritters to date, calamari, lobster sandwiches with a Hennessey dressing, grilled grouper and ‘Cay Lime’ pie).  Of course, the drinks were spectacular… especially the Pusser’s Punch.

Kate's Dark & Stormy

Question of the day: What is the correct way to drink a Dark & Stormy?  Better ask Kate, as the owner advised her of a specific way but we’re keeping this posting PG rated.

Random Ipod theme song:  Some strange Arabic pop song I think titled “Habibi” on Payton’s ipod… That’s what happens when you travel with this crew… where’s Phil Collins when you need him?

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