Posted by: hunterwaters | August 31, 2010

Bareboating in the BVI – Day Two: Road Town Harbor, Tortola to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Day 2 – Road Town, Tortola -> Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Lounging on the net

By far, the best spot of any catamaran under sail has to be on the front netting.  It’s a hammock situated between each of the pontoons, gets the best breeze, and a slight ocean spray keeps you cool.

Following a half-day sail, we moored near The Baths,” an interesting rock formation along a sandy beach on the southwest part of Virgin GordaAmazing snorkeling to be found, but the most surprising find was on land.

'The Baths'

A small sign pointing to “Devil’s Bay” introduced a small hiking trail, with a warning that you would have to crawl, wade and climb your way to the end… with no entering after 4:30pm (or you turn in to a Gremlin?).  I’m sure it had to do with the tides…

We tried to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner, and after a short walk from our Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, we ended up at “The Rock.”  Upon entering, a Sammy Hagar look-alike peeked up at us from his dinner at the bar, wearing a sequin “Fleur des Lis” shirt.  Later, as we regrettably experienced, he was the evening’s entertainment.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Afroman’s ‘Because I Got High’ on a piano, show-tune style.  With a lead singer that my tone-deaf wife could out-sing (she readily admits this).

Question of the day: If hens and roosters are the females and males of the species, then what is a chicken?  Sometimes, there’s a lot of time to kill while under sail…

Random Ipod theme song: Postal Service, “Take a Look at Me Now” Phil Collins cover.  Somehow Mr. Collins has taken over our vacation…. To be remedied tomorrow.

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