Posted by: hunterwaters | August 30, 2010

Bareboating in the BVI – Day One: Road Town Harbor, Tortola

Day One – Road Town Harbor, Tortola

Fully expected a “Big Ass Fan” upon arriving Beef Island Airport in the British Virgin Islands (Liberia airport in Costa Rica sports one in the baggage claim area), but alas the small airport could never accommodate one.  The upside?  Very small lines for customs and taxis, even if you’re the last one off your plane.

Short, winding road along the southern coast of Tortola took us to Road Town Harbor, where my wife and I met up with the following characters:

Gallant Crew of 'Waypoint II'

Rick, “Master of the Vessel” — Sarah, Skipper of Waypoint II — Payton, Semi-Retired Member of the Gallant Crew — Kate, Member of the Gallant Crew

Rick's Certificate

Carib at Road Town Harbor

After a late lunch, a couple of Caribs and fruity cocktails onshore while the “Master of the Vessel” and “Skipper” learned the ways of the boat.  Luckily, Rick was granted a cruising permit and we, as his “Gallant Crew,” or as we called ourselves the “Jolly Ship of Fools,” set sail and moored in Road Town Harbor for the night.

We made good use of the dingy (aka smaller boat for those nautically challenged), although it was certainly not made to hold all of us.  Like a group of Swiss Navy Seals, we stormed the shores of “The Moorings” for dinner… and quickly decided that if we actually had to storm anything, we’d have at least a 50% casualty rate.

Question of the day: Is it safe to swim in a harbor where all boat waste is discharged immediately after ‘use’?  Half of us think so… we’ll let you know if we get sick.

Random Ipod theme song: Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight” – c’mon, is there any better beach/boat related song out there?  Can you see images of Crocket & Tubbs in the air… tonight?  Now, just try not to get it stuck in your head.


  1. What is the answer for your question of the day? I swam in some pretty scummy water in Asia and I came out alright. LOL

    • Think it is safe to assume those of us that thought it was safe to swim were correct – no one got sick!

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