Posted by: hunterwaters | August 17, 2010

Ahead of a week in the BVI, thoughts on rogue waves and provisioning

As previously mentioned, a week will be spent ‘crewing’ the 42-foot catamaranWaypoint II, in the British Virgin Islands.

Half-jokingly, but in preparation for the trip, I’ve done some serious research on the deadliest things to eat from the ocean, as well as the worst maritime disasters ever.

Now, I give you the ROGUE WAVE – “In oceanography, they are defined as waves whose height is more than twice the significant wave height” – aka monster waves.  They are not to be confused with tsunamis, nor can they be accurately predicted… they just come out of nowhere.

While very little concern has gone in to any of the above issues, most effort has been spent on what to bring onboard.  Luckily, there are some provisioners on the island that will deliver your food order directly to your ship.

For six people – some fruit, bread and deli meats will suffice.

Thankfully, we’re not having to load up like some huge cruise ship.  The MS Freedom of the Seas has to stock 20,000 lbs of beef, 1,400 lbs of lobster, 28,000 eggs, 1,500 lbs of coffee, and 1,500 gallons of milk.

Compared to our 3 lbs of deli meats, 24 eggs, 1 lb of coffee and 1 gallon of milk.

I guess we’ll just have to catch our own lobster.

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