Posted by: hunterwaters | August 16, 2010

33 years today, Elvis Presley passed away; some things you may not know about ‘the King’

Today marks the solemn anniversary of the King’s death.  Elvis Presley was found at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was 42 years old.

If you’ve never been to Graceland, it is definitely worth the trip.  If nothing else, leave your name on the wall outside the gates.

In honor of Elvis’ death, here are a couple of things you MAY not know about the King.

  • Elvis has a ‘Bacon number’ of 2.  He was in Harum Scarum (1965) with Suzanne Covington, who was in Beauty Shop (2005) with Kevin Bacon.  Of course, his ex-wife starred in the awesome “Naked Gun” movies.
  • He was obsessed with UFOs.  Makes sense as he was apparently abducted by an alien and was a loyal member of an alien race. Very strange.
  • Remember that racy “Hound Dog” performance on tv?  It was on “The Milton Berle Show.” I had always thought it was his appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show,” but those came later, with a price-tag of $50k for 3 appearances.
  • He had a twin brother, Jesse, who died at birth.  Elvis was born 35 minutes later.
  • Elvis reportedly disliked “Clambake” more than any other movie he ever made… and with that, enjoy the trailer:

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