Posted by: hunterwaters | July 28, 2010

Ahead of a week in the BVIs, the 5 deadliest things to eat out of the ocean

With less than a month before spending 7 days ‘crewing’ Waypoint II in the British Virgin Islands as part of a bareboat sailing vacation, preparations have begun.  However, questions remain…

Where to moor (or run aground)?  What to drink (Pusser’s Rum)? What to eat (everything)?

Well, I won’t eat everything… after some research, there are a couple of things from the sea that don’t seem that enjoyable, like these 5 non-tasty treats:

5. Any fish with Ciguatera This poisoning is found in certain reef fish, and it cannot be cooked out of them.  While the symptoms include typical food poisoning issues plus possible numbness, it is not life threatening and goes away after one to two weeks.

4. Sea Wasp (aka box jellfish) – Not that I would want to eat anything named “wasp” or “jellyfish,” but this can kill you within 5 minutes of being stung.  Apparently wearing women’s pantyhose will prevent this from happening… seriously.

3. Ocean water Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Consuming salt water not only dehydrates you, but high amounts of salt can also cause the kidneys to shut down. “Without functioning kidneys you die.” I’ll just stick with bottled water.

2. Shark – Not only do sharks contain high amounts of mercury, but I still think we are lower on the food chain than they are.

1. FUGU – aka Pufferfish – Considered to be the most poisonous of all fish to eat.  While it is a Japanese delicacy, anything that can cause death within 24 hours of eating is not worth it… unless it is deep fried.


  1. Let’s see…. Rum… we like Mt. Gay over Pussers. It is a personally choice though.

    When we were there earlier this month, there was a notice about jelly fish being seen in several locations. I never saw any or got stung.

    Sharks- I have never seen any sharks on any of my BVI visits. Thus said, swimming at dusk and dawn when they feed is probably foolish.

    Enjoy your time there!

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