Posted by: hunterwaters | July 17, 2010

UFO encounter in China closes airport; top 5 UFOs caught on tape

An airport in China was forced to cease operations last week due to an unidentified flying object, and there are PICTURES of it.

Was the UFO man-made, or from an alien planet?  Only the pilot knows…

But here are the top 5 most amazing UFO encounters ever caught on tape:

5. Roswell, NM (1947) – Not the most amazing encounter based on photographic evidence, but it is virtually impossible NOT to put Roswell on any UFO list.  There are some pictures claiming to be of the debris field of a downed UFO.

4. Belgium (1989/1990) – Beginning in late 1989, there were a series of UFO sightings, leading to one of the most famous UFOs caught on camera.  Skeptics claim they were helicopters,

3. On July 4th, alien aircraft were seen descending over major city centers all across the world… Oh, sorry – That was a movie.

2. Turkey (2008) – Was it a hoax?  Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center in Turkey says it was the “most important images of a UFO ever filmed”.

1. “Phoenix Lights” (1997) – Then Arizona Governor Fife Symington ridiculed it, having someone dress up as an alien at a press conference and take credit for the mysterious sighting… years later, Symington admitted he had seen the lights and didn’t admit it as not to cause panic, saying “it remains a great mystery.”


  1. ALL the images of the Xiaoshan airport UFO have been identified as planes, helicoptors and a Russian missile.
    See Forgetomori article “UFO over Hangzhou, China: a long exposé”
    (It’s not really that long — mostly photos.)

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