Posted by: hunterwaters | July 15, 2010

Ryan Reynolds as ‘Green Lantern’ – what were the WORST superhero movies ever made?

The first pictures of actor Ryan Reynolds (aka Van Wilder) as superhero “Green Lantern” are out this week where he “stars as Hal Jordan, a cocky test pilot who becomes a ring-wearing intergalactic superhero in this massive sci-fi epic” according to Entertainment Weekly.

This is a highly anticipated film, as most comic book-turned-blockbuster movies are… but do you remember these AWFUL silver screen adaptations?

5. Steel (1997) – I don’t even remember this one – NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal as a Superman spin-off character who “mimicked Superman’s powers with technology.” As one person noted, “at least he’s not a rapping Genie.” That, sadly, happened a year earlier.

4 & 3. Catwoman (2004) & Batman and Robin (1997) – One stars Halle Berry, the other George Clooney.  Yet you know it’s bad when the star of one is known for the breasts of the superhero’s costume and it isn’t Halle. Of course, she did trash her movie while picking up a Razzie Award.

2 .Howard the Duck (1986) – There are those who will defend this movie, but come on… there’s actually a sex scene.

1. Fantastic Four (1994) – You have to see this for yourself… all I know is that The Thing looks eerily like a distant cousin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


  1. I like batman & robin movies 🙂

  2. I did forget about Steel, but I truly believe X-men Origins: Wolverine was WAY worse than Howard the Duck…and there is no sex scene he gets all weirded out and she admits to her come on as a joke…but read the comic they do plenty in there. And not that I liked the movie in any way shape or form but George Clooney was not to blame for how terrible the movie was, Joel Schumacher ruined that and Batman Forever. And don’t forget Electra…or with group therapy do forget Electra.

  3. Ben Affleck’s Daredevil anyone?

  4. X-men 3, All batman films after batman up untill begins, spawn and daredevil are all worse Fantastic four

  5. I take that back, wrong fantastic four. What about the 70’s spiderman films? how bad?

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