Posted by: hunterwaters | July 14, 2010

‘Consumer Reports’ confirms iPhone 4 antenna problems; At least it’s not as bad as these products

When Consumer Reports issued their report on the new Apple iPhone 4, they confirmed a problem that many users have already found out. If your finger is in a certain spot, you lose reception.

While this is a problem for Apple, especially with Consumer Reports telling people NOT to buy it, this could certainly be worse.

Remember these products?

NEW COKE & CRYSTAL PEPSI – Apparently if it’s clear, then it’s healthy… at least that is what ‘Crystal Pepsi‘ was all about.  But it certainly wasn’t as bad as ‘New Coke,’ which seems to be the biggest product flop ever.

FORD EDSEL – The “Titanic of Automobiles.” People really didn’t like the front grill of this car.  I would have put the Chevy Nova here, too, but everything we’ve heard about this car is an urban legend. It actually did well.

SMOKELESS CIGARETTES – This did not go well.  First, it had a ‘taste’ issue… think feces.  The other problem was the rumor that it was a great “delivery device for crack cocaine.”

THE CHEVY CHASE SHOW – How one of the funniest actors went down as one of the worst talk show hosts will forever be a mystery.  If you don’t remember this one, it’s not your fault. ‘The Chevy Chase Show‘ only lasted for 6 weeks.


  1. People need to be glad that Apple makes quality products unlike Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

    And their service is unmatched.

    Just buy a cover.

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