Posted by: hunterwaters | July 13, 2010

List of best places to live in US released; what about top 5 worst places?

Money Magazine released its list of the top places to live in the United States.

Minnesota takes the top spot.  Seriously.  A town called Eden Prairie, MN, is not only “family-friendly, it has a dynamite economy too.

What about the WORST places to live?  Here are the top five:

5. Detroit, MI – Forbes Magazine lists this as the most miserable city in the country; but it does have Lafayette Coney Island and the remake of “Red Dawn” was filmed here.

4. Seattle, WA – Not only does this city have a bad reputation for its weather, but apparently the traffic is the awful?  Nothing worse than being stuck in your car while its raining.

3. Barrow, Alaska – the northernmost city in the United States.  Not only is the city surrounded by the Arctic Ocean on 3 sides, but when the sun sets in November, it doesn’t re-appear for 65 days.

2. Camden, NJ – Earns “the crown of being the most dangerous city in America.” Oh, and it’s in New Jersey.

1. Centralia, PA – Never heard of Centralia? Its population went from 1,000 residents in 1981 to less than ten in 2007 and it doesn’t seem like people will be returning any time soon.  Why?  You have to click here to find out!


  1. I personally think Detroit is a great city!

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