Posted by: hunterwaters | July 11, 2010

Fidel Castro re-emerges: Top 5 Cuban tourist sites

Photos of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro were released this weekend showing him during a ‘surprise visit’ to the National Center of Scientific Investigations in Havana.

Given the contentious relationship between Cuba and the United States, any time the former leader appears in public it re-ignites interest in the world’s 105th largest country. (Bulgaria and Guatemala are 104th and 106th in case you were wondering).

While Cuba’s land mass might not be enormous, it is becoming a top tourist destination.  Here are 5 of the top attractions:

5. Vinales Valley – Two of the six World Biosphere Reserves in Cuba are located here. It’s probably better known as tobacco country.

4. The beaches.  Given the fact the country is an ISLAND, tourists flock to take advantage of the 289 natural beachesFrommers lists the top ones as Playa Paraíso and Playa Sirena.

3. The food.  Given my top 5 reasons LeBron James really went to the Miami Heat, you can’t get more authentic Cuban cuisine than here.

2. Salsa dancing at Club Salseando ChévereTrip Advisor has it as their top rated attraction in the country.

1. Old Havana – named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1982, it’s like stepping back in time. The Cathedral of Saint Christopher is a top site, seen here:

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