Posted by: hunterwaters | July 7, 2010

Russia/U.S. spy swap in the works? 5 best spy movies out there

There are many reports that Russia and the United States are working out a deal to swap spies.  A Russian nuclear scientist would be swapped for atleast some of those accused of spying last week in the United States.

This would not be the first time a ‘spy swap’ occured between the two countries; the Christian Science Monitor has three other examples of this happening during the Cold War.

Seems like this is stranger than fiction, which leads me to the top 5 Spy Movies:

5. Any James Bond movie.  Everyone has their favorite ‘Bond,’ and everyone has there favorite movie.  All in all, they are all entertaining, especially the names of the villians (Blofield, Dr. No and Goldfinger among the best).

4.  “The Bourne _______,” or any Jason Bourne movie.  Good action scenes starring Matt Damon. Hard to get bored during these blockbuster hits.

3. “Spy Game” – Intricate plot, but think most people like it for Robert Redford and Brad Bitt.

2. “The Man Who Knew Too Little” – Bill Murray at his best.

1. “Spies Like Us” – Chevy Chase and Dan Akryod teaming up together for some of the most quotable lines from any movie. “Doctor.  Doctor.”

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